At the age of nine, I discovered the joy of storytelling. Since then, I have added music and art into the mix. Now, still writing, still painting, still immersed in music, and now teaching, I am continually intrigued by the creative process, that terrifying, satisfying journey through interior landscapes that produces art, and is without end.

I grew up outside of Buffalo, New York, but sensed from an early age that I belonged on the East Coast. Subsequently, I went to school in New Hampshire, and lived and worked in Boston, New Haven, and New York before moving to Connecticut so that I could ride horses in places other than Central Park, walk my dogs on long trails, and raise my children in fresh air.

Even when I didn’t have the time or room to paint or work on music, I wrote. Summer workshops in Iowa and Vermont led me to Vermont College for my MFA in writing. VC’s famously generous teachers helped me find ways to dig down into my personal passion for language, and for stories. Those two years were revelatory and life-altering. I have woken at four or five to write nearly every morning since.

Teaching full time doesn’t allow me as much time as I would like to polish work or do all the necessary marketing. But, because it is a process of sharing and of discovery, I love it and have been fairly successful balancing my own work with the requirements of my students.

I am delighted that my efforts have produced a novel, Connected Underneath, that will be published by Lethe Press in the spring. The header image is a detail from the cover. The title comes from the Muriel Rukeyser poem, “Islands,” which begins “O for God’s sake/they are connected/underneath.” I agree with Jan Freeman at Paris Press when she says”the poem appears simple but is about absolutely everything.”

Please see Fiction tab for an excerpt from Connected Underneath.

Thanks for your interest.